My passion for photography began in the 6th grade when my school took the 6th grade class to Washington D.C. I was fully armed to document this adventure with a Kodak Instamatic and a full pocket of cube flashes.

My career began as a middle school and high school music teacher. This time taught me to connect and to understand young people. Their needs, their fears, and their vulnerabilities were my teacher for 10 years. After returning to graduate school and earning a Master’s degree in Music, I applied the lessons learned from adolescents to resolving fears in folks that stood in front of a microphone in a recording studio or in front of a video camera.

As the progression of technology made it easier for folks to capture sound on consumer devices, I began the second phase of my career as a sales and marketing person for the health care industry and Senior Living. During this time, I was reminded of the students that began my career. I have learned to see the insecurities of folks that stand in front of the camera and the nervousness that comes with a photo session. I often joke with clients that I became a photographer so that I would NOT have to be in the picture.

Along this diverse career path, I have settled into a career where I have been given an understanding of the beauty in people. I look into a child’s eye and capture curiosity and naivete. I look at a teen and capture passion, confusion, determination, and hope. Through a parent’s eyes, I capture love, fear, hope, and pride. In the eyes of a senior citizen, I capture wisdom, history, and a passion for life that can only be understood by experience.

My goal as a photographer? To capture YOUR story, one expression at a time.

• “Professional, creative, thought provoking and enlightening are just some of the terms clients have used to describe Tim's work”.

• “Tim Rhodes provides incredible ‘snapshots" of a client's life at this moment in time”

•“Combining years of experience in ... and a passion for ... the arts, Tim Rhodes Photography provides clients opportunity to visually tell a story, create a cherished heirloom or provide a lasting window into a special time or place.”